Fiber Glass Cable

Single Core Fibre Glass Insulated- 

We offer Fibre Glass Cable that is used in Furnaces & Industrial Ovens. These fiber glass cables are made with Tinned Copper as per IS: 8130-1976, Class-5. Due to extensive heat generated by these products, other types of PVC cables do not sustain for long time. That's why Fiber Glass cables are widely used in furnace & ovens. These products have minimum space for wiring and connection because of there critical design.

Construction :

  1. Conductor : Banch Standard Bare/Tinned Copper Wire as per IS:8130-1976 Class-5.
  2. Insulation : Myler (Polyester Tape) Wrapped & Leminated with Fiberglass outer traid.
  3. Working Voltage : 600/1100 Voltage A.C.R.M.S.
  4. Colours : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Natural/White.
  5. All Electronic Colours
  6. Extra insulation is provided to make these Fibre glass cables more strength
  7. Two or three layers of glass fiber yarn braiding support the wire at each point where excessive stretching occurs. Wire insulated with conventional material will break since there is no support from the insulation.
  8. Thick layer of insulation makes our fiberglass cables oil & solvent resistance hence it does not blister, peel or crack even after years of installation.

Fiber Glass Breaded Flexible Cable

Sr No Cross Section Standard Wire Bunch Current Rating Bare Copper Tin Copper
0 0.5 sq.mm 16x0.2 mm 3 Amps
1 0.75 sq.mm 24x0.2 mm 5 Amps
2 1.0 sq.mm 32x0.2 mm Amps
3 1.5 sq.mm 30x0.25 mm 10 Amps
4 2.5 sq.mm 50x0.25 mm 15 Amps
5 4.0 sq.mm 56x0.3 mm 20 Amps
6 6.0 sq.mm 84x0.3 mm 27 Amps
7 10.0 sq.mm 80x0.4 mm 34 Amps
8 16.0 sq.mm 128x0.4 mm 45 Amps
9 25.0 sq.mm 200x0.4 mm 59 Amps
10 35.0 sq.mm 280x0.4 mm 69 Amps
11 50.0 sq.mm 369x0.5 mm 91 Amps
12 70.0 sq.mm 360x0.5 mm 131 Amps